Important COVID-19 Safety Update: Notarize your legal documents safely online without leaving your home. Notarize in Real Time LLC has received certification to perform online notary sessions. All you need is a computer with a webcam and microphone. Click HERE for details.




Pen and paper signing is not going away, but RON has such potential for consumers safety and friendly service that you need to ask yourself as a realtor, attorney, paralegal, and title company, if you can ignore it.

Initially, we thought remote signing would take a decade to become a common service. With the Covid-19 crisis now front and center on everyone priority list, and the uncertainty of what life and commerce will look like, in the years to come, the adoption of remote online signing is at the top of states legislative agenda.

Without a question, Remote Online Notarization  (RON) is taking worldwide spotlight.  Professionals and leaders are now approaching this “new normal” with a new set of eyes for business and a way of life.

Think of our current circumstances, the government has ordered stay home and avoid close contact. How do we continue to conduct business and stay safe? RON is the solution and will continue to be the solution during and after this pandemic. Once business professionals see how remote notarization can apply to their business and daily life model, they will not want to give it up.

For real estate closings, as well as for any notarizing of legal documents, to work with a knowledgeable service provider like, NOTARIZE IN REAL TIME is a necessary tool.  NOTARIZE IN REAL TIME will reduce mistakes or missed signatures on all signings, that in person notarization sometimes can be missed. Signatures that can be missed are huge hidden cost errors. There are companies with whole departments solely for the purpose of post-closing errors.

When consumers and companies find remote online notarization can be an alternative measure of not needing to travel to have their documents notarized and can have a face-to face via remotely with a notary, and have an ink stamp and signature placed on a document before their eyes, safely and securely, RON will become more and more popular.

We have given you all the reasons why RON is the “new normal”. Is your company keeping up with the digital landscape? If you need more information on how to get started with RON, NOTARIZE IN REAL TIME, can assist with the notarizing of legal documents.  If you are waiting for the perfect time to seize the opportunity, the time is NOW!.  It’s that easy. CALL US TODAY!

To learn even more about REMOTE ONLINE NOTARIZATION, we encourage you to join FRONA today! 

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