Remote Online Notarization (RON) is the process of conducting live audio and video calls via the internet to notarize legal documents performed by a state approved commissioned notary.

The name “Remote Notary” derives from the fact the notary services the customer remotely. A remote notary is a legally commissioned notary public who is authorized to conduct notarizations over the internet via digital tools and in a real time audio video call. Historically, notarization required that the notary and the signer meet in person where the notary serves as a witness during the signing event.

In 2012, Virginia became the first state to have online remote notarization over live audio video calls. Fast forward 8 years, Florida is now one of the approved states to perform online notarization as of January 1, 2020. This new law has empowered notaries to perform notarization not only nationwide, but internationally. Along with the notarization service comes the strict requirements for ID verification, tamper proofing and document retention that actually makes remote notarization safer and more reliable than a standard in person notarization. The next time you are looking for a remote notary near me or an online notary near me, remember that NOTARIZE IN REAL TIME can be your notarization company. Call us today at 305-205-5232.

Frequently Asked Questions about RON

You do not have to physically appear before a notary, and as long as you qualify to use the system, you can be anywhere in the world that has a reliable Internet connection.

No. The electronic notary laws of the State of Florida now permit a Florida remote online notary agent to notarize your documents regardless of the location of the principal or witnesses, and so long as signor has a social security number.  This system is the safest, fastest and most reliable way to notarize documents.  It eliminates the need to find a Florida mobile notary altogether.  Using Notarize in Real Time LLC for a remote online notarization allows you to have your documents notarized in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Absolutely.  We can notarize documents for any U.S. Citizen or legal resident anywhere in the world as long as the minimum requirements to use RON are met.  Your documents will show that they were notarized in Florida.

Absolutely.  It’s actually more secure than traditional paper notarizations.  We contract with various technology providers that satisfy Florida’s strict remote online notary laws, including identity verification.  Each notarial session is audio/video recorded and retained for 10 years.  Every signer’s identification document is analyzed for authenticity, and their identity is further authenticated using a system called, “Knowledge Based Authentication,” or KBA.

No. Currently, Florida is one of only 16 states that authorize remote online notarization via the internet.  We provide online notary service nationwide and for U.S. citizens and legal residents outside of the United States.

You will need a desktop computer, laptop computer, Android tablet, or Ipad with a working webcam and microphone.   Your device must be running the latest version of a supported web browser.  Cellphones, however, are not suitable for remote online notarization due to their small screen size.  

Unfortunately, no.  Only technology providers approved by the State of Florida are authorized.  Approved providers include Pavaso, NotaryCam, DocVerify and SignX.  Notarize in Real Time is certified to perform online remote notarizations on all the approved platforms.

Yes, all remote online notary sessions are recorded, and the recording is kept by Notarize in Real Time LLC for ten years.  You can request access to the recording if you ever need it, and it will be provided immediately.

Yes, initially to verify your identity, you will be required to provide your social security number on a secure site. After your identity is confirmed, you may only be required to provide the last 4 digits.

Florida law requires that your identification be authenticated.  Online notaries use Lexus-Nexus to provide this service.  If you don’t have an established credit history in the United States, Lexus-Nexus cannot generate the required 5-question test for the knowledge based authentication that forms part of the RON process.

Any document that can be notarized by a traditional in-person notary can be notarized by an online notary.  However, Florida laws do not permit notarization of estate planning documents or documents of a testamentary nature.  This service may be provided after July 2020, depending on Florida laws.

Absolutely, we can provide witnesses, or one or more of your family members can witness the signing.

While we are not a 24-hour service, we can definitely accommodate after hours sessions most of the time.

We charge $25 for the first notarial act per principal signer.  Each additional notarial act (notary stamp) during the same online session is $20.  If you require witnesses, they will be charged at $20 per witness per online session.  There is also a charge for signing and closing services which all form part of the total flat fee for each of the services we provide. For an entire list of costs and services CLICK HERE.

Absolutely, we have pricing plans for several law firms and title companies. Please call to discuss loyalty pricing.

Your notarized document(s) will be available immediately via email in “Real Time.”

Absolutely, we are subcontracting other notaries and we will provide regular instruction, support and leads.

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