Important COVID-19 Safety Update: Notarize your legal documents safely online without leaving your home. Notarize in Real Time LLC has received certification to perform online notary sessions. All you need is a computer with a webcam and microphone. Click HERE for details.



Adopting Remote Online Notarization also known as RON allows banks, title companies, law firms, and other businesses to complete transactions, closings and/or signing of legal documents that require a notary seal remotely with the aid of online audio and video technology. There are now 23 states that are RON approvedincluding Florida as of January 1, 2020. For everyone in the title business, a lot of progress has been made thanks to a collaboration between the Mortgage Bankers Association ( and the American Land Title Association ( to develop model legislation for remote online notarization implementation in many states. They are also working diligently  these days to create RON laws suitable in a multistate environment.

RON is a straightforward process with many layers of protection for the title companies, lenders, buyers and sellers, including identity proofing and a digital recording of the transaction that is preserved for at least 10 years. Adopting this new way of signing and notarizing documents may feel foreign right now, but RON provides an easier way of signing and notarizing documents for your valued clients that will set you apart from the rest and keep your company ahead of the curve in our digital age. Rest assured that RON will become the “new normal” for loan and document signing.

Notarize in Real Time stands out as a leader in the RON Arena because of one simple reason – consistency of excellent customer service.  Unlike many larger RON providers, who randomly assign your file the next available RON notary on a name wheel, with little or no experience at all, the RON notaries at Notarize in Real Time have years of experience performing legal document signing and closings, and you can feel at ease that they will professionally guide your clients through the online signature and verification process.

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