Important COVID-19 Safety Update: Notarize your legal documents safely online without leaving your home. Notarize in Real Time LLC has received certification to perform online notary sessions. All you need is a computer with a webcam and microphone. Click HERE for details.


Florida Notaries are you RON ready?

Are you ready to perform remote online notarizations? There are only two choices in getting started. Many Notaries sign up with a RON vendor who will provide any required software and tools for online notarization and others prefer to independently purchase their own identification, remote notarization, and recordkeeping solutions without relying on a vendor. Well, […]

A Notary Is The Ultimate Side Gig!

Did you know that being a commissioned Notary can open doors to additional money making opportunities! Even if you’re not directly using your commission for freelance jobs, as a Notary you have established a different level of integrity and trust that gives you a lead way on your competition. Here are a few gigs where […]

Transition from Mobile to RON!

We Help Make Your Life Easier! As of January 1, 2020 Florida passed a law that would revamp how notarizing documents are executed in the state. RON remote online notarization gives mobile notaries a chance to expand their business into the next decade. If you are a mobile notary and are looking to become a […]

The Growing Need for Electronic Signatures and Remote Online Notarization in Real Estate

Q: I’m in the process of closing on the sale of a home. I was able to do the document review electronically, but I had to leave our self-quarantined status to have the many required signatures in the closing package notarized. Have you seen changes in industry practices that address this issue? A: The situation […]


In June 2019, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 409 into law. The law authorized the use of remote online notarization (RON), which has reshaped how notarial acts can be executed in the state. The law took effect on Jan. 1, 2020. But what exactly is a remote online notarization, and how is it […]


REMOTE ONLINE NOTARIZATION (RON) STAY IN THE NOW Pen and paper signing is not going away, but RON has such potential for consumers safety and friendly service that you need to ask yourself as a realtor, attorney, paralegal, and title company, if you can ignore it. Initially, we thought remote signing would take a decade […]

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